Friday, August 3, 2012

New Romance Series Starts! Taylor Sky- "Love Under The African Sun- Volume One- Destination Egypt"

Lapsidasical twenty one year Egyptology student old Anna Foster, has always strived to better herself. Having gained a place at Brook Bank University she is constantly trying to prove to herself and everyone else around her that she earned her place at University.
Having fought off stiff competition Anna has been offered a place on a major archaeological dig in search of the fabled Cleopatra’s tomb. It could make or break her career and she would be able to help her mother into the bargain. Her only regret is that her best friend and secret love interest Tim Carlton wouldn’t be there to share her Joy.
Anna lacked self believe and she wonder’s what on earth she was thinking believing she could ever become an Egyptologist. After all she was clumsy, slight and had the appearance of someone you wanted to wrap up into cotton wool.
Twenty six year old Tim Carlton was ruggedly handsome. Being the Managing Director of Carlton’s Hotel and Spa, his father’s firm. He had left Oxford University with a first degree in both Business and Media. He had reluctantly joined his father’s company not wanting to disappoint him. What he really wanted to do was take photographs, it was his passion. So on his days off he would moonlight as a freelance photographer. The pay wasn’t great but it was this that made him tick, made him feel alive.
Tim found that due to his social status women threw themselves at him and he was never one to turn down a pretty face. He had yet to meet the one woman who would make him settle down. Unlike his friend Randy who was engaged to married. Randy’s idea of a stag do was an adventure holiday in Egypt and so it was there Tim was to go. It would provide him with plenty of photo opportunities.
Tim hadn’t expected to bump into his childhood friend Anna, covered in sand and shouting at him for Quad biking to close to her precious dig. The memory of kissing her under the mistletoe wouldn’t go away. He had missed her and longed for the days when they could laugh and talk like the old days could be Anna that is his soul mate. Tim is determined to find out.

Taylor Sky is the author of sweet contemporary romance.
I am a happily married mother of two teenage boys. Currently studying for a BA Hons Degree in History, with a penchant towards Ancient Egypt and the wonders of the Pharaohs. Although I am currently studying, my passion has always been books either reading as many as possible or writing. Now my dream has come true and I have been published.
My favourite mantra is:- Never give up. I never stopped believing in my dreams and you shouldn’t either
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