Wednesday, August 29, 2012

New Sci-Fi Series From Alan Zendell: "Element 42 - Volume 1 - The Stranger"

Episode 1 finds Steve alone in the Rockies in search of peace, after his fragile emotional balance collapsed during a business trip to Denver.  There, he meets Brock, who appears to be  an average man with a broken leg, but his ability to communicate telepathically convinces Steve that he is an alien.
Brock’s flyer has been shot out of the sky by the Luugs, aliens of a different species who will stop at nothing to acquire a resource that can only be found on Earth.  Brock must stop them, but he cannot succeed without help.  The impossibly unlikely circumstance that an element vital to sustaining life exists in abundance only on Earth is a blow to Steve’s agnosticism.  Meeting Brock gives his life new meaning, and he vows to help him defeat the Luugs.  But the Luugs the launch an attack which Steve and Brock are fortunate to survive.
Steve thinks he and Brock are alone in their fight, but the episode ends when we learn that their encounter with the Luugs was witnessed by the crew of an airliner.

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