Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Alan Zendell Has Released "Volume 2- Long Night's Journey" of His New Sci-Fi Series "Element 42"

Meanwhile, Brock explains to Steve that the Luugs will return at sunrise with a super-laser that they intend to use to bore deep into a neighboring mountain to volatalize and release tons of molten molybdenum. He warns Steve that the careless Luugs could do catastrophic damage to the Earth’s crust, and Steve commits to helping Brock stop them.
But first, they must travel to the point of attack, which by road, is more than fifty miles away.  Steve gets the injured Brock and all of his equipment up to his Jeep, only to find that it was seriously damaged in the Luug attack.  The vehicle is barely drivable and will have to wind back down the mountain and up an adjoining one without headlights, in less than three hours.  Along the way, Steve learns about the Luugs’ history, the reality of sapient life in the galaxy, and some surprising facts about recent events on Earth.
Meanwhile, the airliner copilot, Jack Springer has convinced a local television station to send him up to the site of the Luug attack in its traffic helicopter.  Speeding to the scene with Hector Hernandez, a TV cameraman, and the copter pilot, Al Richard, Jack overhears Steve’s cell phone call to the State Police, and he’s sure they’re on target.

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