Monday, October 22, 2012

Mark Miller Scores A Hit With "The Defective Amish Detective - Volume 1- The Whoopie Pie Affair"

Warning, before you even consider reading this, understand that this is a story about a guy that is large, feels he is in charge, and is ready to kick some butt. In truth, he is essentially deaf, almost blind, socially handicapped and has little sense of smell to boot. Add to that his basic disregard for proper attire and you have one humorous, heartfelt, and at times moving story. Okay maybe  not that heartfelt or moving, but it may all depend on how you look at things. If you can get past the loud Hawaiian shirts, shorts, and glaring white knee socks and sandals then you can get to the meat and potatoes of what is coming at you.
It is a diverse and respectful viewpoint of life, both in and out of the Amish community, and how the Plain Folk and English view each other.
In Volume 1- The Whoopie Affair , meet G, the erstwhile suburban hitman, and Eli, the Amish blacksmith.
Two totally different men. Two totally different families. Two entirely separate worlds.
One destiny.
What happens when this unlikely dynamic duo go about solving the mystery of the missing whoopie pies? Plenty of mirth, merriment, malevolence, and muck, but above all, good clean family fun. This is a story that can be read by anyone of any age, from 9 to 99. So saddle up, get in the SUV or horse and buggy, put on your wrap around shades, tighten up those suspenders, fix your ball cap or straw hat on top of your head, and get your sandals or boots on! It is time to roll and party with Eli the blacksmith and G the hitman in an adventure you are not soon to forget.
You will never look at a horse and buggy the same way again. 

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