Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Coming Soon From Sam Lang! Are you ready for "Waspider"

In this Trestle Press digital short story, Sam Lang offers a one-shot of dark humor and science fiction with a Ron Ungary Inconvenience.
Ron Ungary has never believed in love. In fact, he tries his best to separate all emotions from cold hard facts. He is a scientist above all else. When Valentine’s Day arrives, Ron is the last to celebrate. His well-meaning best friends once again drag Ron off on another blind date. This one leads to an abandoned high school, rumored to be haunted by a serial killer.
Oh, and don’t forget the giant mutated half-wasp, half-spider: the Waspider!
Will Ron find true love? Will he survive the night? Or is this another inconvenience?

About Sam Lang:
A "recovering" Catholic, Sam Lang lived a cold, dark life. Ignored for most of his existence, he developed a fascination with things of a macabre nature. His writing explores the dark recesses of human behavior. Lang writes with heavy thematic elements and symbolism, creating harsh, hyper-realistic characters. Lang currently resides in Florida where he spends his time thinking of new ways to delight and horrify his readers. In recent months, he has found a new direction and has begun to explore his Christianity. Not much else is known of this reclusive author.

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